Northern Territory Government – Tier 3 Data Centre


Lucid were engaged by the Northern Territory Government as the Lead Consultant to deliver a TIA Tier 3 Data Centre providing disaster recovery capacity to the Government’s capability.

As Lead Consultant, Lucid engaged and managed an architect, civil engineer, structural engineer, quantity surveyor and certifier while completing electrical, mechanical, fire and hydraulic engineering. The Lead Consultant role also required liaison with authorities including PowerWater, NTFRS, Development Assessment Services and Government Department stakeholders.

Designing to TIA Tier 3 requirements included the provision for a concurrently maintainable data centre requiring no shutdowns for maintenance and equipment replacement. N+1 redundancy as a minimum is provided for all systems. All new services were provided with cyclone protection.

Staged occupancy of the Government Data Centre was proposed and as a result Lucid’s design included the following provisions:

  • Temporary wall to minimise cooling requirements for the space. The wall was designed to be removed without the creation of any dust within the operating data centre.
  • All internal and external penetrations required for future expansion were provided and temporarily sealed during the initial construction period to enable service reticulation for expansion without dust disturbance within the data centre.
  • Spatial and electrical services allocations for additional Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) units and backup batteries to enable installation for future requirements.
  • Lift off roof panels for outdoor mechanical plant enclosures to allow future equipment installation whilst maintaining cyclone protection and aesthetic planning requirements.