3 JULY 2019

Lucid Consulting Australia is excited to announce the launch of our nationalised Health Sector and the appointment of Nick Adcock as the national Health Director, effective 1 July 2019.

Lucid has been operating successfully in Health since 2001, and the appointment of Nick Adcock will deliver increased benefits for our industry partners.

“The Health Sector will facilitate a national high-performance approach, provide a vehicle for upskilling our People and ensure our Clients are receiving the best possible outcome for their projects and assets,” stated Nick.



The Health Sector launch coincides with the release of Lucid’s new Strategic Plan and purposely aligns with our business vision and strategic goals.

“The release of our Health Sector is a genuine recognition of our commitment to the Health industry,” stated CEO Jarrad Clift. “The work we have invested in developing this team will undoubtedly improve the value we can offer and deliver to our Health Clients.”

The Health team will continue to specialise our capabilities and national reach, offering tangible benefits, including:

  • An improved governance and systems platform, ensuring our Health Clients have access to a controlled national group of experts and proprietary information.
  • Knowledge database sophistication, enhancing our accuracy in adapting national Health trends, driving design innovation and influencing infection control initiatives.
  • A commitment for deeper and timelier understanding of our Client’s assets and infrastructure, including risk advisory services and business continuity tactics.
  • Access to local, passionate and community minded Health experts bringing targeted expertise.

Nick joined Lucid in 2010 as a Senior Mechanical Engineer and has worked his way up through the company to Associate, Regional Manager, Director and Board appointment in 2017. He was central to the establishment of the Melbourne office in 2012, where he assumed the role of Regional Manager for four years before returning to South Australia in 2016.

Jarrad commended the appointment, stating, “Lucid is fortunate to have Nick as a leader for this team. Nick is perfectly positioned to deliver real success for our Clients.”

Media Contact: Betony Pitcher – Marketing Coordinator | 03 9867 8770