Lucid Academy

At Lucid, we understand that people are our most important asset and an investment in their professional development from day one is fundamental to achieving our overall company vision. To aid this approach, Lucid Academy was created to provide professional development support and opportunities to graduates within Lucid.

Established in 2016, Lucid Academy provides professional development support to graduate employees and other emerging professionals. The Lucid Academy team plans and executes training and development activities, with a focus on giving our graduates the best foundation for a successful career.

“Lucid Academy is one of the only Graduate Programs of its kind; run by graduates, for graduates. You have access to direct influence on the business in a leadership position that you are passionate about. Have your voice heard, at a place that welcomes new ideas from our diverse emerging professionals.”

Zarah Copeland – Lucid Academy National Leader
“Lucid Academy offers professional development, engineering specific training, and networking opportunities for Lucid graduates. LA provides leadership opportunities on a rotating basis which gives us more opportunities to progress within Lucid by taking up more responsibilities. LA is a rapid advancement platform for Lucid and a fast-tracked career pathway for Lucid graduates.”

Dinesh Kumar – LA NT Representative

Why choose us?

1. Career progression

Lucid assists emerging professionals in exploring their career paths, providing an ongoing mechanism to enhance their skills and knowledge and building up their individual career goals. At Lucid, emerging professionals not only explore their career opportunities but also indulge within skill development outside their specialised fields.

2. Future leadership opportunities

Lucid Academy is a personal and professional development opportunity that assists graduates in developing their network and providing them with a platform for growth, opening up pathways to join our Lucid Leaders Program as you become more experienced.

3. Training

As a part of professional development we have created online training material to assist young professionals with developing new abilities and knowledge required with the rapidly changing industry.

Join us in creating the future