Adam Greaves


After joining Lucid Consulting in 2011, Adam has embraced the opportunity to assume leadership roles on projects as well as roles in quality assurance and business development before being promoted to the role of National Sustainability Leader.

Adam began his career working in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), specialising in multi-storey commercial office buildings before moving into fire engineering. Following a 15 month stint in an environmental firm in the UK, Adam made the move to focus on sustainability and considered to be fluent across all services disciplines and with architectural, structural design and overall building constructability.

Known to his peers as the guy who keeps missing goals at indoor soccer, Adam loves watching and playing sport in his free time.

“At the end of each year at Lucid, one can look back and say “Wow, we’ve accomplished a lot this year and had a bit of fun doing it too. I’ve developed professionally in my career and grown as a person”