Adelaide Central Markets – Property Services Asset Management Plan


The Adelaide Central Markets is a heritage listed building located in the Adelaide CBD. Lucid was engaged to undertake an assessment of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and fire and life safety services within the markets.

The building containing the market was originally constructed in 1920 and has approximately eight million visitors a year. The intent of the masterplan was to develop a timeline for upgrading infrastructure based on the risk to market operations, realise strategic business opportunities and to future-proof the market. This reporting was also used to develop budget estimates for approval by the local Council who owns the site.

Upon completion of the masterplan, Lucid was engaged to project manage the design and implementation of the asset management plans associated with the electrical, air conditioning and fire and life safety assets.

The scope of services provided included:

  • Auditing of electrical (low voltage and high voltage), HVAC infrastructure, hydraulic infrastructure and fire and life safety services. The audit identified the following:
    • Current condition.
    • Spare capacity.
    • Assessment of future demand.
    • Compliance and safety (for visitors and maintenance staff).
    • Improved amenity for visitors.
  • Liaison with utilities / authorities, key council and market stakeholders.
  • Risk assessment of assets based on the Client’s risk profile for all assets using the ISO31000 framework.
  • Preparation of asset management plans and associated scope of works.
  • Preparation of high-level budget estimates associated with the asset management plans.