St Georges Cathedral Precinct and Cadogan Song School


Lucid has been involved with various projects within St George’s Cathedral Precinct in Perth since 2012. The Cadogan Song School is a two-storey development which sits between three of the heritage listed buildings – the Burt Memorial Hall (1918), the Deanery (1859) and St George’s Cathedral (1888).

Lucid was instrumental in concealing all services from view with a range of bespoke fixtures and fittings designed to integrate seamlessly with carpentry and stone masonry trades. Major services such as electrical power, BMS and chilled and heating hot water are derived from the adjacent Church House office accommodation building. Given the Church Building was constructed some 18 months after the Song School development, there was no room for error in the design of services infrastructure connections designed by the Lucid team.

The Cadogan Song School development was recognised at the Australian Institute of Architects Awards for 2018 winning a National Award for Heritage. The Song School was also successful at the Master Builders Association (MBA) Awards in WA in 2018, winning both the Excellence in Concrete Construction category and Best Public Use Building ($1.5 – $5 Million).