Adelaide City Council – ‘Go Green with Public Lighting’

Adelaide City Council invested into trialing and evaluating various LED technologies to help reduce energy use and carbon emissions, known as the ‘Go Green with Public Lighting’ strategy.

Public and street lighting is a major energy consumer for municipalities. The lighting performs critical functions for community safety and asset protection.

Lucid provided technology support, specialist lighting and electrical engineering expertise in the evaluation phase of the project, as well as the roll-out of the subsequent installation.

In the evaluation phase, Lucid provided Adelaide City Council with case studies for world city strategies that had previously endorsed LED public lighting, to arrive at innovative and world’s best practice approaches to implementation of the technology. These studies included not only analysis of the technology itself, but also GPS inter-connectivity and automated measurement of traffic / pedestrian activity – part of a ‘smart city’ approach.

Lucid worked with Council to understand and maximise its return on investment; to both safety and energy, by prioritising the replacement to critical hazard areas of the city, and areas using older technologies. On the basis of the outcomes the Council embarked on a full roll-out strategy for all fixtures throughout the city.