Joondalup Justice Complex Courthouse

Lucid was appointed by the Department of Justice via Programmed Facility Management (PFM) to investigate several building comfort and temperature complaints at the Joondalup Courthouse in Western Australia.

The Lucid team assessed the mechanical services installation at the facility and provided a detailed capacity, condition and compliance report to stakeholders.

Findings highlighted the following issues:

  • Chiller water flows appeared to be under capacity with respect to maximum building cooling loads.
  • Electric heater duct failures.
  • Chilled water flows were out of balance.
  • Chilled water control value actuators were beginning to fail periodically leading to an inability to control space temperatures.
  • Economy cycle controls were inactive.
  • Chiller sets were at the end of their economic life leading to reliability issues.

Lucid recommended the following rectification works to the resolve the identified issues:

  • Replacement of air-cooled chiller sets with larger capacity systems with improved energy efficiency.
  • Replacement of chilled water pumps with integral pump sets as part of each new chiller set.
  • Replacement of fan coil unit control valves and actuators.
  • Modification and rectification of economy cycle controls.
  • Rebalancing of chilled water flowrates throughout the building.
  • Pipework, automatic controls and electrical modifications to suit the above works.
  • Minor building works associated with the above services.

All engineering design, construction and commissioning roles, project management and super intendent duties were carried out by Lucid.