Menzies School of Health Research

Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin is the only Australian health and medical research institute with a primary focus on the health of Indigenous communities and people living in tropical and remote areas.

The new facility was designed with a strong sustainability focus, with the objective to deliver a high performing energy efficient research building.

Lucid was engaged to provide a full suite of engineering services to support the research centre including laboratories (PC2), controlled environments, cool rooms, offices, meeting and conference rooms, auditorium and amenities.

Initiatives adopted by Lucid included the following:

  • Passive building envelope design.
  • CO2 control of outside air.
  • Outside air pre-conditioning heat recovery systems.
  • Ceiling fans to provide improved air movement and to directly cool occupants.
  • Automated building control systems.
  • Automated and energy efficient lighting systems.
  • Low flow tapware, shower heads and urinals.
  • Dual flush toilets.