Murdoch University – Condition Audit

Perth, Western Australia

The Murdoch University Condition Audit included the assessment of the Fixed Plant and Equipment register (FP&E) and code of compliance reporting relating to the building services at the University Campuses – including South Street, Rockingham and Peel, with the addition of St Ives Facility.

Lucid were engaged to undertake the condition audit report for Murdoch University. The scope of works included the development of a reporting framework for the client including:

  • Building reference points.
  • Review of existing asset registers.
  • Reporting on discrepancies.
  • Fire and Life Safety assessment with current standards and local authority regulations.
  • Cost estimates associated with the required Fire and Life Safety upgrades.
  • Engineering assessment of existing Fire and Life Safety services for multiple office, teaching, laboratory, industrial and commercial buildings including end of life replacement and compliance upgrade programmes.