REDARC Electronics Factory Extension

Lucid has been working with Redarc since 2008 toward significant expansion of its manufacturing and engineering facilities.

Redarc Electronics is an advanced facility incorporating surface-mount manufacturing technologies in controlled environments.

The recent extension works have focussed on providing robust energy supplies that incorporate renewable technologies, energy storage and demand management strategies. The intent was to negate the need for utility upgrade through facility expansion that sees internal load increases exceeding 200%. The facilities have incorporated;

  • Planned staged roll-out of roof-mounted PV power generation up to and then beyond 200kW through the life of the facility.
  • Infrastructure pre-planning for bulk battery storage of up to 1000kWh/200kW, and the initial installation of a 100kWh/50kW pilot system complete with supervisory control system.
  • Demand management system that includes automated staged load-shedding of non-critical base-loads followed by semi-critical base loads, with ability to delay and/or postpone manufacturing testing regimes.

The facility was officially opened in November 2018 by Minister for Defence, Christopher Pyne and Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall, together with REDARC owner Anthony Kittle. The expansion works were completed in a live environment, with production at the existing manufacturing facility continuing throughout construction unabated.