Skycity Adelaide Casino – High Voltage Supply Upgrade

Lucid was engaged to design, document and project manage the high voltage upgrade works for the Skycity Adelaide Casino development.

The Skycity Adelaide Casino is a private high voltage customer serviced via 2off 11kV rated high voltage supplies. The supply is provided via an SA Power Networks substation located onsite and also services the Adelaide Railway Station (ARS).

Due to the age, condition and reliability of the SA Power Networks high voltage switchgear, and also the major expansion works scheduled for Skycity Adelaide Casino, the upgrade of both SA Power Networks and Skycity Adelaide Casino high voltage switchgear is currently in progress.

Lucid was engaged by Skycity Adelaide Casino to design the new major casino and boutique hotel development. Lucid was also specifically engaged to design, document and project manage the high voltage upgrade works.

The high voltage upgrade works are being executed via a separate package accelerated ahead of the major building works to take advantage of the annual shutdown day, Good Friday.

The project works included:

  • Construction of new high voltage switch room.
  • New 11kV Main Switchboard comprising
    • 2off Incoming 11kV supplies.
    • 2off SAPN compliant HV retailer metering facilities.
    • 4off Outgoing 11kV feeders.
    • Internal bus-tie switch.
    • Monitored protection units (health, status, power).
  • Auxiliary DC power supply unit for all protection relays.
  • New 11kV cables for incoming supplies and feeders.
  • Removal of redundant and non-compliant SAPN infrastructure.
  • New HV earthing system.
  • High voltage system modelling and load flow analysis.
  • Protection Study review and development of protection settings for all new and existing protection devices.