University of South Australia

Reid Building Laboratories

Adelaide, South Australia

This major refurbishment project involved upgrade to an outdated laboratory in Level 6 of the University of SA Reid building to meet PC2 standards, in order to accommodate the short term growth of the Centre of Cancer Biology (CCB), and to assist in their transition to the new (HIB) building in the Health and Biomedical Precinct.

The project involved infrastructure and general base-building services upgrade within a 1960’s research building located in the University of SA City East Campus including:

  • Replacement and upgrade of essential services backup generator
  • Thermal plant installation including high efficiency, water-cooled chillers and condensing boiler plant
  • 99.999% pure nitrogen on-site gas generation plant serving all levels
  • High purity oxygen and compressed air onsite gas generation plant serving all levels
  • Building management system upgrade
  • RO water plant upgrade serving all levels
  • Fume cupboard flue fire rating and compliance upgrade
  • Main site switchboard replacement
  • Neutralising pit upgrade
  • Natural gas upgrade

Fit-out of the following laboratory facilities:

  • Level 00 PC2 and Certified OGTR Animal Research Facility
  • Cascading pressure control of facility including multiple PC2 Rodent Research Facilities
  • Varying temperature control of Mosquito Research Facilities
  • Level 04 PC2 Cancer Research Facility

Lucid provided specialised engineering design services in conjunction with the project design team to deliver the above high quality specialist fit-out for the University.