Wei Yan Teo


Yan joined Lucid in 2013 as an Electrical Engineer in the Lucid Projects Australia (LPA) SA division. Yan was provided the opportunity to lead the LPA SA electrical team in 2017 and in the same year, Yan was promoted to Senior Electrical Engineer, followed by Associate appointment in July 2020.

Yan has nine years’ experience in the engineering industry working on a range of projects across different sectors including power, critical facilities, infrastructure, energy, and mining. During his time at Lucid, Yan has extensively developed safety awareness, engineering expertise, consulting, communication and project management skills.

He has been heavily involved in technically complex and unique engineering projects including critical data centre environments, defence facilities, feasibility studies and low voltage infrastructure. Yan provides technical guidance for complex infrastructure projects not just locally in South Australia, but to the company Australia wide.

“Lucid has an innovative and unique focus on achieving a balance around People, Clients and Business (PCB) which provides a lot of opportunities for our People to grow organically whilst maintaining healthy and sustainable Client relationships and Business.”